Organic Whisky Domaine des Hautes Glaces + 6 Mont-Blanc granite icecubes

What else than granite ice cubes from the Mont-Blanc to refresh without diluting this organic whiskey manufactured in the French Alps?
The territory's cohesion is expressed with this exceptional organic whiskey accompanied by 6 Mont-Blanc granite ice cubes coming in their velvet bag.


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74,17 €

This "Les Moissons" whiskey, organically raised in the Alps, is a single malt from the blend of 3 organic barley vintages (2010-2012).
This whiskey crowns a beautiful adventure started a few years ago by local enthusiasts near Grenoble.
Les Hautes Glaces Whiskey comes from a remote area, on the alpine pastures of Trièves, where nature gives the best of itself. Up there on the mountain, a handful of enthusiasts decided to exploit the fruits of this land. Around Frédéric Revol, agronomist, organic farmers and other actors gathered to create an organic whiskey: le Domaine des Hautes Glaces. In 2009 a first harvest of barley and malt allows the development of a single malt. Since then, the success of this 100% organic brand-made spirit has not been denied. Every year it convinces more and more amateurs.
A real crush for On The Rocks, animated by the same passion, transcend the surrounding nature into an exceptional product.
A single malt Domaine des Hautes Glaces to be savoured fresh, with moderation, together with ice cubes shaped out of Mont Blanc granite.