Scotch Whiskey with an amber gold robe.

This Scotch whiskey has the particularity of double aging in Sauternes wine barrels.
Single Malt organic Scotch Whiskey HIGHLAND HARVEST:

Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey

* 46% vol

* 70cl bottle

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47,42 €

Highland Harvest Single Malt Distilled in Scotland.

This Scottish whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley in the traditional way.

Aged in first-use oak barrels like all Highland Harvest whiskeys. Bottled in a traditional way, without filtering by cooling, to guarantee the natural flavor of the whiskey.

The result is a Scottish whiskey that has a distinguished character and a beautiful sweetness. Highland Harvest Single Malt is not mixed in any way and is bottled directly from the keg. This makes it the ultimate expression of the distiller's craft, and also the pinnacle of scarcity. 500 bottles come out of a single barrel ensuring quality control.

a whiskey worthy of its name.