Black Mountain whiskey mignonette & 9cl whiskey tasting glass

ON THE ROCKS offers a great set with Black Mountain whiskey combined with a wonderful olfactory whiskey glass.

Black Mountain could not be more French: this blend is distilled by traditional Scottish method, adjusted with pure Black Mountain water, and refined in the Southwest of France. The power of this whiskey unfolds in this wonderful 9cl olfactory glass.

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16,63 €

Tasting set gift with a 5cl bottle of Blanck Moutain whisky BM n°2 and its tasting glass with lid of 9cl.

BM # 2 is a blend of whiskeys obtained by traditional Scottish distillation, refined in the Southwest, and adjusted to the consumer’s taste by adding pure Black Mountain water. This blend is aged for several months in prestigious spirit barrels in the Southwest.

What to expect:

- a golden color

- wood, vanilla and floral aroma

- fruity taste of honey, cinnamon and gingerbread

- a long smoky finish with a hint of licorice.

Abuse of alcohol can damage your health. Drink with moderation.