12 Sidobre clear-coloured granite icecubes in cotton bag + tong

Its fine grain, hardness, light color, non-porosity ... so many assets for the Sidobre granite shaped by ON THE ROCKS®'s unique know-how to make unique ice cubes.

These characteristics and the density of these ice cubes allow for multiple and sustainable use to refresh wines and spirits.

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18,33 €

ON THE ROCKS® stone ice cubes are a tribute to Sidobre, a territory proud of its granite history.

These icecubes are made in the Sidobre region of local granite.
This abundant natural resource in Southern France combined with an ancestral know-how around the work of stone are at the origin of our granite icecubes.
The characteristics of this non-freezing granite guarantee unalterability over time in contact with all drinks. The density of this stone allows for multi-use properties to cool white wines as well as spirits such as rums and whiskies.
12 ice cubes delivered in their food-grade cotton pouch and beech wooden tongs, ready for freezer storage.

The dry cold by the stones to refresh without diluting, the pleasure of rediscovered taste.