TRIO of 6 Sidobre granite ice cubes in organza bags (18 cubes)

These clear-coloured Sidobre granite ON THE ROCKS ice cubes come in three separate gift bags differently coloured in turquoise, anise and purple for lifetime lasting gifts. 

Set of 3 organza bags with 6 light grey granite ice cubes each.


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30,00 €

6 clear-coloured Sidobre Granite icecubes in 3 turquoise, anise and purple gift bags.

Icecubes shaped out of clear and hard granite from Sidobre in France, for stone-cubes that will freshen without diluting your favourite drinks.

These icecubes are made in France.

Ice cubes made in France with traceability and in compliance with French and European food standards. A rigorous selection of rocks and a neat finishing that will protect your lips and your glasses.