Our Values

ONTHEROCKS headquarters are located in the heart of the Aveyron. The company is based on human values and sustainable development, clearly reflected in its product line. ONTHEROCKS products are made to please and satisfy the customer.   
For the love of the countryside

ONTHEROCKS has an unquenched desire to discover and make use of the natural wealth of France’s countryside. Local artisans shape the granite ice cubes and they use 100% natural material from deposits located in the heart of Brittany, from Sidobre in Tarn and other French regions.  

ONTHEROCKS demonstrates that production can be done while preserving the environment. The carbon footprint of the manufacture is maximally reduced by making as little use of thermal energy as possible. Natural resources are highly valued with respect to the environment.


This is the key word of the company production process and a guarantee of satisfaction. The stages of handling and quality control are carried out in ESAT, involved in the integration of disabled people into the workforce. We comply with all regulations – with regard to our materials as well as with food-grade products- No. 1935/2004 / EC N ° 2023/2006 / EC.


The desire to create and design innovative products is a natural, ongoing process for ONTHEROCKS. We use natural resources to integrate authenticity into our lives. In addition to the ONTHEROCKS products we offer unique stone creations signed by Vanessa LACOMBE that are a beautiful addition to any table, and simultaneously celebrate nature.