The origins of granite icecubes

In 800 in Scandinavia, the Vikings used glacier stone to cool their mead. Today we still use ice to cool down whiskey: hence the term “ON THE ROCKS ®”

It is a tradition that is prevalent today in countries such as Sweden, Scotland and Norway, where purists request their alcohol to be served “ON THE ROCKS ®”.

Granite is a non-porous stone which has excellent thermal conductivity due to its density, its homogeneity and its mineral composition. Moreover, its high thermal inertia can accumulate cold and distribute it slowly. No more chlorine taste due to tap water ice!

“ON THE ROCKS ®” keeps tradition alive and selects the purest physicochemical composed granite to ensure food-grade cubes. In a secret ancestral process, "ON THE ROCKS ®" softens and polishes the stones enabling a beautifully clean finish that preserves your glasses ... ... and your lips!

Impress your guests with these wonderful ice cubes... and taste the pleasure of a drink cooled with "ON THE ROCKS ® granite ice cubes.