About On the Rocks

Granite Ice Cubes: Ecological and beautifully designed

Shaped directly from natural rock and polished in a unique fashion, these icecubes cool your drinks like no other... the flavors of your favorite beverage are preserved and even heightened.
Harder than Scandinavian soapstone, granite is a guarantee of purity: your ice cubes are unalterable and can be reused at will. Better known as Whisky stones, these ice cubes will cool the finest alcohols without diluting them, such as Whiskey, Eaux-de-vie, sweet wines, Rum, Cognac, Vodka and much more.
Cool without diluting and preserve flavor!!

The culinary slate tray, an item that combines force of nature & food delicacy

The culinary slate plate is a great asset in any kitchen. They beautifully present baked goods or frozen desserts, a culinary slate plate is also valued for its thermal storage capacity.

The raw stone ensures bright contrasting colors. This is authentic material at the service of gourmet refinement ... In addition, On the Rocks culinary slates are made in France, certified "Food - Grade" and anti-stain, and come ready to use.