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Metal Titanium Ice Cubes

Titanium Icecubes

Likewise the granite ice cubes, the metal TITANIUM ice cubes refresh your favorite drink without altering its taste.

The thermal conductivity of stainless steel reinforced with a water sealed cartridge inside the icecube guarantees optimum cooling. These wonderful Titanium ice cubes are sold on the On The Rocks Online Boutique.
Their modern design and clean lines make them unique. Whether you enjoy a drink with friends or use them professionally (in a bar, restaurant or nightclub) the TITANIUM SPIRITS metal ice cubes are a 'must-have'.
One metal ice cube is enough to cool your glass. Very easy to use, place in the freezer and add to your drink. The ice cube is simply rinsed after use with clear water.
TITANIUM SPIRITS ice cubes ensure food safety and avoid setbacks related to the use of regular tapwater icecubes.