On The RocksFor those who enjoy tasting the pure flavor of their favorite spirit ... On THE ROCKS has created granite ice ‘stones’ that cool your drink without diluting it.

Enter the world of ON THE ROCKS to discover ecological and beautifully designed products, created from the natural raw materials of Brittany’s wild coast or the cool rocks of the Sidobre highlands.
ON THE ROCKS is contemporary and innovative – its mission is to enhance the taste of your favorite liquor: be it whiskey, wine, brandy or any other beloved spirit...

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Granite Ice Cubes: Ecological and beautifully designed

Carved directly from natural rock and polished in a unique fashion, these ice cubes cool your glass like no other... so the flavors of your favorite beverage are preserved and even heightened.
Harder than Scandinavian soapstone, granite is a guarantee of purity: your ice cubes are unalterable and can be reused at will. Better known as Whisky stones, these ice cubes will cool the finest spirits without diluting them, think of Whiskey, Eaux-de-vie, sweet wines, Rum, Cognac, Vodka and much more.
Cool without diluting and preserve flavor!!

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